Saturday, March 21, 2015

Who really is the boss?

A house, to become strong and firm, needs stable foundation molded by the family’s love for each other and carved by the challenges faced and overcame by the family as a whole.
With the presence of love, a house becomes a home where every dream is created and memories are shared and cherished.

For a certain household to bloom and prosper there must
be strong and dependable parents who will nourish every member of the family.

Educational institutions are like houses that need a strong foundation which can be seen through its highly-qualified professional teachers who will mold the hope of the nation and soon the world.

Teachers are said to be part of the teaching and learning process which entails not just teaching but also managing the class, and acting as second parents who will serve as the guide of the students in the school.

 Also, teachers have to constantly keep in touch with the parents to monitor the progress of their child. What if they are too concern about their child’s progress and want you to solely focus on their child instead of the entire classroom while they are not making any efforts to help their child cope with their difficulties.

 A teacher may face this scenario with parents and also with their bosses who directs them what to do. In these cases, who really is the boss, the child who needs attention, the parents who demand, the boss who directs you or the call of teaching that the teacher sworn to do with all his/her heart and mind for the sake of learning?

 Teachers must be respected since they swore to devote their lifetime for the sake of learning and molding the nation’s hope.

 If you are asking who really the boss is, it is the passion for teaching and not anyone else! 

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